District I State Council Report

State Council Report District 31-I North Carolina August 15, 2015 District I has Begin this new year with enthusiasm. The Lions have done an outstanding job in volunteering, Organization and participation. I must give credit to the Lions Clubs and the officers and committee Chairs for the smooth transition and the awesome accomplishments we have had in July for our new district. Thank everyone for our successes. Membership in District I for July as reported from LCI shows 1395 Members. There have been 14 new members and 18 dropped members. Membership now shows a minus of 4. The Governors team has set visitation and have divided up official visitations in the district and they are going very well. Our GLT Lion Tim Williams did an excellent job on the three officer trainings . Lion Tim also held an additional training for Zone and Region Chairs. Lion Tim has also designed a map of the district and working with our GMT Lion Gene Everett to identify areas for new club development. We have a possible new club in the workings now. District I Fall convention is Nov 12-14 at The Village Inn in Clemmons . !st VDG Butch Conrad and Co- Chair Teresia Matthews are doing an excellent job. There have been two planning sessions with fantastic district attendance. Our Speaker will Be ID Linda Tincher from Indiana. Reservations are available in District I newsletter. Brighter vision workshop will be held at Camp Dogwood Wed Aug 26 at 6:30 PM A meal is available for 12.50 per person. Reservations for meal is in newsletter or send to Cabinet Secretary Ron Staley . Special Thanks to Lion Carolyn Sprinkle and Bob, and Ron Staley for the wonderful Directory. Special Thanks to Caroyln Sprinkle and Theresa Matthews For the great work on our newsletter. Special Thanks to The Governor Leadership Team and the Lions of 31-I.

Respectfully submitted,

Allen Reinhardt

Lions Love Veterans.

Lions International has announced the extension of the Involve a U.S. Veteran pilot program through June 30, 2016. This program waives the charter or entrance fee
for U.S. Veterans joining a Lions Club in the United States.
Eligible veterans include retired U.S. military personnel or honorably-discharged members of the Air Force, Army, Coast Guard Services, Marines, National Guard, Navy, or Reserves. Those currently serving in the National Guard or Reserves are also eligible.
Lions Clubs International will provide an entrance fee waiver of $25 ($30 for charter members) to qualified U.S. veterans who join a local Lions club. Veterans have made so many great contributions and sacrificed so much to serve our country. As service members return home from serving in the military, let’s offer them an opportunity to get involved in their communities.
Visit the Involve a U.S. Veteran web page through www.lionsclubs.org to download a fact sheet, promotional flyer, certification form and a sample press release.

A Note from District Governor Allen


Peace, Hope, Determination, Teamwork, and Uniting People through services are central elements of the 2015-2016 Lions International Presidential theme —

Dignity though Humanitarian service!
One of the basics of human dignity and self-respect is the ability to provide for one’s self and one’s family. Yet millions of people face the future with little
hope of bettering their lives and caring for their children. Making a difference through service to children will be a main focus area this year.
International President Dr. Jitsuhiro Yamada’s goal is to strengthen and/or expand existing programs through the Children’s Dignity
Initiative. All Lions are encouraged to expand service to children in many ways including:
1. Supporting and brightening the outlook of children in hospitals.
2. Responding to the needs of children in refugee camps.
3. Addressing the needs of hungry children.
4. Continuing and expanding the Reading Action Program.
Additional info about the Children’s
Dignity initiative is available by visiting

Lions Services for Children Symposium, Centennial Celebration Membership Awards and more.

Empowering Youth to Serve

youth-resized.jpgIn the month of August, Lions are encouraged to focus their Centennial Service Challenge activities around Engaging Our Youth. Young people have the power to affect change alongside Lions if given the opportunity. The key to youth engagement is to empower them to have a voice in the decision making process. Consider recruiting a team of students to plan a youth forum to share their views on community needs. Invite Leos to sit on a youth-led grant-making committee that will use a portion of club funds to award selected local youth projects. For more ideas or to share your youth-engagement service stories, please contact programs@lionsclubs.org.

Invite Your Club to Join the Centennial Service Challenge

children-resized.jpgLions all over the world are kicking it into high gear to help us reach our Centennial Service Challenge goal of benefitting 100 million people. Looking for a way to get involved? Consider hosting a Children’s Dignity Week project this August 30 – September 5. Children’s Dignity Week is a special service event dedicated to elevating the dignity of children in your community and around the world. Plus, your club will be eligible to receive special Centennial recognition when you host a qualifying service project. Visit the Children’s Dignity Week page for more information and start planning your project today!
Promote Youth Leadership Development

August 12th marks the United Nations’ International Youth Day. 2015’s theme is “Youth Civic Engagement.” In a world of adult concerns, young people often lack opportunities to engage politically, economically and socially in their communities. The Leo Club Program aims to change this dynamic by helping youth become leaders. Through the Leo Leadership Grant Program, districts and multiple districts are eligible to receive funding for Leo leadership events. Learn how to apply and promote leadership development among Leos in your area.