A Note from District Governor Allen


Peace, Hope, Determination, Teamwork, and Uniting People through services are central elements of the 2015-2016 Lions International Presidential theme —

Dignity though Humanitarian service!
One of the basics of human dignity and self-respect is the ability to provide for one’s self and one’s family. Yet millions of people face the future with little
hope of bettering their lives and caring for their children. Making a difference through service to children will be a main focus area this year.
International President Dr. Jitsuhiro Yamada’s goal is to strengthen and/or expand existing programs through the Children’s Dignity
Initiative. All Lions are encouraged to expand service to children in many ways including:
1. Supporting and brightening the outlook of children in hospitals.
2. Responding to the needs of children in refugee camps.
3. Addressing the needs of hungry children.
4. Continuing and expanding the Reading Action Program.
Additional info about the Children’s
Dignity initiative is available by visiting