Phase 2: 2018 Camp Dogwood Refurbishing Project


“Dear Lions of North Carolina,

Each summer, North Carolina, Inc.’s Camp Dogwood for the Blind and Visually Impaired serves over 700 adult campers with blindness or visual impairments. When the Camp Dogwood facility is not being used by our wonderful campers, the property manages as a meeting and retreat center for church groups, hobby groups, family reunions, and so much more. As with any lodging/event space business, maintenance is up the upmost importance due to natural wear and tear along with upholding topnotch safety for patrons.

With 58 rooms (116 beds) spread across the 3 lodges, 2 duplexes, and the Stickley Building, we call upon the Lions for support with the 2018 Camp Dogwood Refurbishing Project. In order to maintain the safety of our camper and offer a sought after space for groups, all rooms on the property need to be restored and restocked with new items.”

Please see the form above for ways that you can help with the 2018 Camp Dogwood Refurbishing Project.

A Thank You from the NC Lions 31I Convention Coordinator!

Thank you to everyone who volunteered and helped with the 2017 Fall Convention held at North Carolina Lions Camp Dogwood.  And just as important, a special thank you to those who attended. Your presence made this a fun filled, information sharing, fellowshipping week-end. 

Carolyn Sprinkle, DGE

Convention Coordinator