NC Camp Dogwood Wish list for Arts, Craft and Blessing Bags: September 2018

Please consider donating to NC Camp Dogwood. Thank you. 

  • Gallon Size Ziploc Bag

  • Hand-Warmers –

  • Bottle of Water – Mini water bottles work great

  • Band-Aids

  • Baby Wipes – a small pack of baby wipes would be a great one to include to help with feeling clean & fresh

  • Hand Sanitizer – another great option to help them feel cleaner

  • Wash Cloth –inexpensive

  • Toothbrush

  • Toothpaste (travel size if you have a lot of items to put into your bag)

  • Floss

  • Soap (we bring home soaps from hotels if we don’t end up using all of them)

  • Deodorant

  • Shampoo/conditioner (these are also great products to save from hotels if you don’t use them as they’re the perfect size for these bags)

  • Comb

  • Personal hygiene items if you’re making a kit for a woman (tampons, panty liners, pads, etc.)

  • Sunscreen (depending on time of year)

  • Chap stick

  • New Socks

  • New Underwear

  • Inexpensive gloves

 Non-Perishable Foods:

  • Granola Bars

  • Energy Bars

  • Tuna/cracker packs

  • Trail mix

  • Raisins

  • Peanuts

  • Fruit cup/ applesauce cup (& include a spoon)

  • Gum/hard candy

Arts & Crafts supplies:

  • Santa Hats (100)

  • Christmas Stockings (100)

  • Red, White, and Green Tule

  • Candy Canes

  • Christmas Ribbon

  • Christmas Ball Decorations

  • Picture Frames