VIP Auction 2018

Camp Dogwood would like to host a Silent Auction featuring items donated by our VIPs. 

Money raised will be used to furnish the Rec Room. 

If you have items you have made and would like to donate, please contact: Tammy at 828-478-2135 extension 232 for more information. 

Thank you! 

NC Camp Dogwood Wish list for Arts, Craft and Blessing Bags: September 2018

Please consider donating to NC Camp Dogwood. Thank you. 

  • Gallon Size Ziploc Bag

  • Hand-Warmers –

  • Bottle of Water – Mini water bottles work great

  • Band-Aids

  • Baby Wipes – a small pack of baby wipes would be a great one to include to help with feeling clean & fresh

  • Hand Sanitizer – another great option to help them feel cleaner

  • Wash Cloth –inexpensive

  • Toothbrush

  • Toothpaste (travel size if you have a lot of items to put into your bag)

  • Floss

  • Soap (we bring home soaps from hotels if we don’t end up using all of them)

  • Deodorant

  • Shampoo/conditioner (these are also great products to save from hotels if you don’t use them as they’re the perfect size for these bags)

  • Comb

  • Personal hygiene items if you’re making a kit for a woman (tampons, panty liners, pads, etc.)

  • Sunscreen (depending on time of year)

  • Chap stick

  • New Socks

  • New Underwear

  • Inexpensive gloves

 Non-Perishable Foods:

  • Granola Bars

  • Energy Bars

  • Tuna/cracker packs

  • Trail mix

  • Raisins

  • Peanuts

  • Fruit cup/ applesauce cup (& include a spoon)

  • Gum/hard candy

Arts & Crafts supplies:

  • Santa Hats (100)

  • Christmas Stockings (100)

  • Red, White, and Green Tule

  • Candy Canes

  • Christmas Ribbon

  • Christmas Ball Decorations

  • Picture Frames

District 31-I Winter Convention: Save The Date

District 31-I Winter Convention

At North Carolina Lions Camp Dogwood

January 11th, 12th,13th. 2019
Registration form and additional information coming soon!!!!

2nd International President Haynes
Townsend and Lion Donna guest speakers,
Seminars, Brighter Visions Boutique, Food,
Fellowship, Silent and Live Auctions,
Entertainment and more!!!!

NC Lions Eyeglass Recycling Program

North Carolina Lions Eyeglass

Recycling Program

The Need for Glasses

According to The World Health Organization, 153 million people have uncorrected refractive errors (near­ sightedness, far-sightedness or astigmatism). Most of these vision impairments are quickly diagnosed and easy to treat with corrective lenses.

Still, millions of people in developing nations are pushed deeper into poverty simply because they don’t have glasses. They can’t learn, because reading is difficult. They can’t work to the best of their ability, because they can’t see clearly. For children, clear vision means a better education, healthier development and a better quality of life. For adults, clear vision means greater employment opportunity and economic strength. For seniors clear vision means less dependence on others.

North Carolina Lions collect over 170,000 pairs of eyeglasses each year to address the need for glasses, making eyeglass recycling one of our most popular activities.

Items Needed

·        Complete reusable glasses both plastic and metal frames

·        Gold frames in any condition

·        Antique Glasses

·        Broken Glasses

·        Sunglasses (any kind)

Items Not Needed

·        Loose Lenses of any kind

·        Cases

Suggestions for a Successful Program

·        Put someone in charge and set up a collection point.

·        Meet with, or write a letter to the newspaper editor or radio station manager to explain the details of your campaign, including the names of the people involved.

·        If your club has a bulletin, write an article for it about the collection drive. Follow up with reminders.

·        Prepare collection boxes and place them with posters in selected locations. Be sure to put your Club name and a contact number on the collection boxes.

·        Collection boxes are available from NCLI. DO NOT MAIL COLLECTION BOXES

·        Opticians and optometrists can keep a collection box in the waiting room.

·        Check with lost & found departments in hotels, stores, police stations, etc., for unclaimed glasses.

·        Ask members of your club to spread the word among their friends and other groups to which they belong.

·        Check your collection sites on a regular basis.

  After removing unwanted items send your glasses to:

North Carolina Lions, Inc.

7050 Camp Dogwood Drive

PO Box 39

Sherrills Ford, NC 28673


“In a major legislative victory for the citizens of North Carolina, adult Medicaid patients will be eligible for an eye exam and glasses without medical diagnosis beginning January 1, 2019. This language was included in the final state budget.

Funding for eye exams and glasses for adult Medicaid patients was cut back in 2011, leaving only those 20 years of age and younger covered. Since that time, the NCOS has been advocating to get funding for adults reinstated.

It has been a long fight but our persistence has paid off. Now, all adult Medicaid patients in North Carolina will once again have the opportunity to get the basic eye care they need.

We will be sharing more details as they become available so stay tuned!

Mike Haines, OD
North Carolina Optometric Society”