On July 1, 2013, NCLI implemented the Brighter Visions Annual Fund Drive, a change in name and a big change in our fundraising philosophy. In order to maintain our current programs and then grow and expand our services it is necessary to look to additional fundraising areas to help supplement the monies that keep the programs and services alive for our VIPs.
Our kickoffs in August have successfully taken place in each District. District L came alive during its kickoff at the McCune Center in Black Mountain. Club after club presented big checks to start the Brighter Visions engine! A local VIP told her story about how Camp Dogwood impacted and changed her life by opening up her world to other VIPs with similar life stories. She found that she was not alone as she once thought. District Governor Max Bumgardner and District Chair Leon Pryor put together a thought-provoking kickoff program.
The resident tailtwister in District I, Lion Chris Beck, displayed the height of enthusiasm as he collected funds for a Brighter Visions Raffle. His efforts, along with the efforts of the co-chairs of the District’s Brighter Visions Fund Drive, were lively as their clubs and individuals in the District came forward with the greatest amount of kickoff funds ever received at one time by a district!
Now the work must begin, for we must share with our donors how their donation is being used and how their donation has made an impact on real people. If you do not know how these funds are being used, perhaps it is time for a refresher course to be given by your District Chair for Brighter Visions. Your District Chair is eagerly waiting for your phone call.
A banner patch and year tab will be presented to each Club that equals or exceeds the average per capita donation to the Brighter Vision Annual Fund Drive.
Lions, we must go ABOVE AND BEYOND what is asked. NCLI would like Brighter Visions to inspire and motivate our donors creating their ownership just as we are inspired and motivated as Lions!

Yours in Service,

Jana Peedin, State Chair
Brighter Visions